Better Cash Flow With Solutions Offered By Factoring Asset Based Loans

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January 9, 2013 by Guest Author

Having a steady cash flow for ready use is one of the most important things for one and all. This can be particularly important for businesses that are looking to expand or even entrepreneurs who are looking to set up new businesses. Even though asset based loans can be the most ideal option to seal such a deal, it is important to form a model of manner in which the borrower is supposed to function in long-term loan circumstances.

Asset based loans

Assets based loans are generally opted for by institutions that are in dire need of money in order to sponsor their short term goals. The best thing that an SME owner can do while planning to opt for an asset based loan or asset based lending facility is to ensure that he or she can demonstrate the ongoing sources and uses of the funds that are being loaned. Ability to understand the annual inventory turns and day’s sales will significantly impact any organisation’s ability to source and obtain the right asset based loan facility.

There are certain factors to be considered while monetising the current and fixed assets into the cash flow so that you are able to procure it whenever you are in need of it.

Factoring asset based loans

Asset based loans and factoring can be seen as two different instruments of chance on the business market. When business opportunities arise in the market, experienced businessmen are well aware that such opportunities may disappear way before they are truly able to raise the capital necessary to fetch such an opportunity. Usually, securing a long-term loan comes accompanied with an extensive waiting period, causing the procurement to be delayed. This is where the opportunity for factoring and asset based loans lies.  The basic advantage for start-ups or small businesses is that they can obtain more cash through asset based lending, sometimes even faster than they would have done with regular loans obtained from the typical lending institutions like banks.

While obtaining such a loan you should focus on assets that are able to generate cash for you in hours of your need. The added advantage of opting for asset based loans is that the rate of the loan is negotiable, which can well be an added advantage for the borrower. That is why the borrower needs to make sure that he or she provides a reliable background of his financial transactions so that the lender agrees to pay the amount at an affordable rate. This can necessarily mean that you enjoy enough cushions while the lender goes through all the details.

The regular sequence while securing the cash flow through asset management includes a number of steps. First of all, it is necessary to produce an invoice or bill for the services or products that the company has been distributing over the years. After estimation is completed, the factor presents a quoted percentage of cash advance.


At the end it can be said that it is important that the person asking for asset loans has a clear idea of what he wants and a clear record while he opts for such loans. Ensuring all these could mean that there is no roadblock on their way to receiving payments when needed.

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