Decorate Your Home at the Cheapest Rates

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February 7, 2013 by Bob Thomas

Spending a lot of money has nothing to do with being able to decorate your abode in a classy, attractive manner. With a bit of effort, you can discover a wide range of decoration ideas, which are visually pleasing and easy on the pocket too.

In the present discourse, we take a look at a few such budget decoration tips. Inability, or unwillingness, to really splurge on expensive interior decoration items should never come in the way of your desire to reside in an aesthetically pleasing house. With the sheer volume of inexpensive yet classy home decor pieces expanding rapidly, you have ample scope to showcase your creative side – by buying the ones that would best reflect your tastes.

Irrespective of whether you are choosing window curtains, or purchasing digital landscape photography – the only thing you need to keep in mind is that, all such decorative items should blend well with the overall mood and styles of the rooms. In what follows, we will highlight some attractive, money-saving decoration ideas:

Arrange trays

You can buy a few designer plastic trays, and neatly arrange items of everyday use (perfume bottles, combs, timepieces, etc.) on them. That would speak a great deal about your overall penchant for neatness. If a mirror at your home has become damaged, you can simply remove the glass from it, and use its reverse side as a tray!

Photo frames

A home with a personal touch always looks charming – and how better to do it, than having snaps of your family members at different locations in your house? Beautifully designed blank frames can also add to the elegance of your living room.

Wall decorations

instagram canvas

Empty walls invariably look just a touch bland. That, however, does not mean that you need to spend big bucks on bejewelled wall hangings. You can buy cheap canvas prints online, which can be hung on the walls of your living room. Looking for something for your bedroom walls? Go for some beach scenes on canvas – and experience seaside magic as you drop off to sleep!

Keep your kitchen supplies well-organized

Many homeowners, in their zeal to make their drawing rooms the most attractive ever, forget to deck up the cooking areas of their houses. If left unattended to for long, kitchens can start sporting a really messy and unhygienic appearance. Set up durable cabinets and countertops, and have transparent glass canisters to store your kitchen supplies. Label the canisters with markers, according to the item they are containing.

Grow home plants in beautiful pots

Have a few nice and healthy indoor plants, and freshen up the air without the aid of electricity! Plants like Anthuria, Calathea and Hoya can add to the visual aspects of your rooms as well. Don’t forget to choose elegantly designed pots for these plants!

Set up bookshelves and racks

Okay, you love reading books. Does that mean that your living room has to necessarily remain cluttered with the books you are reading? Certainly not! Set up classy wooden bookshelves on the walls, which would provide a heady mix of style and usability. Storage solutions can also be made a whole lot smarter by having racks, chests and wall cabinets. Frames with personalized canvas art themes can be put in the spaces between the racks and cabinets.

Have beautiful table lamps

Designer lamps can make your rooms look elegant and attractive, apart from, of course, providing the necessary amount of light. If you like to experiment with your home decor, you can also use empty glass jugs as makeshift bulbs. If your budget so permits, you can also go for accent lighting in your rooms.

While buying furniture for your house, find out if any yard sales are happening in your locality, from where you can pick up stylishly designed, good-quality second-hand items. If you happen to live in Australia, you can look up on the web for exquisite canvas wall art in Australia too. There are lots of ways in which you can decorate your home on a tight budget – you only need to do a bit of research to find out about them!

Author’s Bio: Rickey is a home decor and lifestyle expert. He also writes informative online articles, on a variety of sophisticated and innovative home decoration ideas. In this piece, he shares a few tips for enhancing the visual appeals of your house – in a cost-effective manner.

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